Invisalign is the discreet way to improve the placement of your teeth.

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Invisalign is the discreet way to improve the placement of your teeth. This innovative orthodontic treatment method can correct spacing issues and promote a healthier occlusion by aligning teeth to straighter positions. Invisalign is especially popular among our adult patients because it is very inconspicuous. This makes this treatment option ideal for working professionals and those who want to correct tooth movement after already receiving orthodontic treatment in the past. In addition to helping those who have already worn braces in their youth, Invisalign is a good option for many adults who have never received orthodontic care.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign works the same way that conventional braces do, by applying constant pressure and gentle force to teeth. The difference between conventional braces and Invisalign, however, is in the materials used. Patients undergoing Invisalign treatment will wear retainer-like appliances made of clear plastic. These appliances are called aligners. Custom made, aligners fit over teeth snuggly so that the appliance applies gentle and consistent pressure to teeth. Since pressure is what generates tooth movement, Invisalign aligners must be made to precise specifications to accommodate an individual’s treatment needs.

Every two weeks, patients begin a different phase of treatment by replacing their aligners with new ones. Each subsequent set of aligners is tighter to accommodate new tooth movement while applying enough pressure for future tooth movement. Over time, spacing issues like gaps become noticeably improved.

Treatment times for Invisalign vary on a patient’s unique needs but on average, Invisalign treatment is considerably shorter than treatment times with conventional braces.

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is advantageous for quite a few reasons. Most obviously, Invisalign means that wearing “braces” doesn’t have to be conspicuous or unsightly. In fact, many patients’ Invisalign aligners are undetectable to coworkers and acquaintances. Beyond offering a discreet treatment option, Invisalign is considered far more comfortable than traditional braces. Instead of archwires and metal brackets, aligners are smooth, semi-pliable plastic. This means that there are no sharp materials irritating or poking into soft oral tissue like the linings of the lips and cheeks. Another unique benefit to wearing Invisalign is the fact that aligners are removable. While patients should wear their aligners about 22 hours a day, Invisalign is removed for meals and when conducting oral hygiene. This is an incredible convenience because many people who have worn braces complain of difficulty eating certain foods and keeping their teeth (and orthodontic appliances) clean.

Tooth Placement and Oral Health

Wearing braces or any kind of orthodontic appliance has far more benefits than just aesthetic ones. While a straight smile is definitely important for one’s confidence and self-image, having properly aligned and spaced teeth can reduce a person’s risk for many oral diseases and problems. For instance, those with spacing issues and misaligned teeth have increased risks for developing periodontal disease and TMJ dysfunction. Having crowded, rotated, and overlapped teeth makes oral hygiene less effective. Tartar will accumulate and collect in areas where a toothbrush or thread of floss cannot reach. Since tartar is a chief contributor to inflamed and irritated gums, those with poorly aligned and spaced teeth are at risk for gum disease. Improperly aligned and spaced teeth affect the occlusion (or bite). Occlusal issues stress and strain the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and its supportive tissues like muscles and ligaments during oral function. TMJ dysfunction is painful and debilitating. By improving tooth placement and the occlusion, Invisalign can contribute to patients establishing or maintaining optimal oral health.

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Invisalign FAQs

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional metal and wire braces. This treatment option involves wearing clear retainer-like appliances that conform to a person’s unique needs. In addition to being discreet, Invisalign is comfortable and won’t irritate soft tissues inside the mouth such as the tongue or linings of cheeks.

Is Invisalign right for me?

Invisalign is a great treatment option for many people – especially those who value comfort and natural looking orthodontic appliances. Wearing Invisalign can improve the positioning of gapped, overlapped, rotated, and crooked teeth. This treatment can also improve the positioning of the bite so that occlusal issues like overbites and underbites are less noticeable. While Invisalign can help a great amount of people, conventional braces are still necessary for some. This is why scheduling a consultation is necessary for determining if Invisalign meets your needs and treatment objectives.

How long do I wear Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment times vary among individuals. The length of wearing Invisalign is determined by a person’s unique tooth placement and response to treatment. On average, however, Invisalign treatment is shorter than treatment with conventional braces.

Is Invisalign covered by insurance?

Most people who wear Invisalign are adults and many dental insurance carriers do not provide orthodontic treatment coverage. Teenagers receiving treatment can be eligible for orthodontic treatment if they are covered by their caregivers’ dental insurance policy.

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